Saturday, 2 March 2013

It's Been A While

I'm sorry, but it has been a while. In fact almost a year and a little bit. Not that I forgot about the blog - life just got a little busy. So I was thinking, while watching my kids play at St James Park, that I should really get back to writing and see how things go.

The thought was related to the Parish Office on the corner with St James road and Church Street. How long had that been there? Was it always a shop? And if so, for how long? And so it went on, everywhere I went.

The original thought behind the blog was to highlight some of the pictures of unusual places in and around Southampton. But I realised early on to do this, I would have to add some historical reference, otherwise it wouldn't be interesting to anyone else, let alone me.

So from this point forwards, I intend to do a reboot of the blog, and get things started on a proper footing. This way, I can focus my time on work and the blog, without either getting bogged down with each other.

 So readers, as we go on, I do expect you to point out where I have made mistakes, and pass on any information that you think will be relevant. Also, if you have any old photos of Southampton, do send them to me - I am really keen on the idea of comparing old photos of what it looks like today.

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